Water Remediation And Biological Health


Proculture is a blend of live heterotrophic bacteria and enzymes specifically formulated for handling high nutrient loads with an efficiency and performance matched by none.


Establishing nitrification is easy with Nitri-Bac.  Utilizing real aerobic autotrophs, your systems will be up and running fast, saving you time and money.

Where We’ve Made A Difference

How Did We Do It?

Most Concentrated

It’s all about the numbers.  W.E.T. delivers the most concentrated bacteria products available, allowing you to achieve the results you expect.

Clean Byproducts

W.E.T. products burn clean. Using the right bugs, byproducts are proactive toward your desired result.

World Wide Shipping

W.E.T. ships world wide. No matter the quantity, we can deliver and on your schedule. Contact us for ordering information.