In 2004 we observed a lot of problems with most, if not all, of the available bacteria products manufactured for use in water remediation. These products are marketed to industries and consumers for applications such as ponds, lakes, grease traps, and septic tanks.

Guess what we discovered?

The most productive waste systems use none of these products. In fact, they use industrial strength blends of bacteria and enzymes that are tiers ahead of mass-marketed, diluted, and largely unscientific products.

Water Envirotech has been isolating and distributing these commercial strength strains of bacteria for high-demand industrial waste for nearly 20 years.

What separates Water EnviroTech from the rest of the pack is not just the ability to formulate the most concentrated and effective products, but the possession of knowledge of their application.  The team at W.E.T. also carries experience in the various industries these products target.  W.E.T. knows what to develop and why.  This allows W.E.T. to deliver the finest products along with procedures that foster ongoing success.

Industries have unique problems that require specific solutions. Those solutions come from W.E.T.