Vitamin C Detoxifier And Therapeutic For Fish Acclamation And Transport

The natrual vitamin C formula of Acclimation C creates the most hospitable environment for your fish when being transported or adjusting to new systems.  In addition to neutralizing chlorine and chlroamine, Acclimation C boosts immune system in fish, stimulates appetite, and reinforces slime coat to reduce stress.

The appetite stimulation of Acclimation C regularly solves the problem of fussy feeders new to captivity or stressed from travel.




No permits or applicator’s licenses are required to use Acclimation C. No registration with the EPA is required because Acclamator Pro is not an antibiotic, medication, or algicide and is not regulated under the Federal Insecticides, Fungicides, and Rodenticides Act (FIFRA).

When Do I Use Acclimation C?

Acclimation C works optimally when adding to bags or life support systems of fish during transport or in systems where fish have arrived after transport.

What Kind Of Bacteria Is Nitri-Bac?

Acclamator Pro contains an all natural formula of Vitamins, predominantly Vitamin C.  This ascorbate instantly neutralizes chlorine and chloramine and possesses very powerful de-stressing attributes such as immune system boost, slime coat retention, and appetite stimulation.

Can Acclimation C Be Overdosed?

Because Acclimation C is safe and natural, it cannot be overdosed with ill effect.